The Ones Who Started It All

Judith Achumba-Wöllenstein

MA Psychology for Fashion Professionals

After a stint in the world of politics at the EU in Brussels, Judith made her journey into the creative industries as an editor and brand communication consultant. To bridge the gap between fashion and her concern for social justice issues, she co-founded two entrepreneurial endeavours, the most recent one being PHAEDIS, an agency that partners with designers to sell last season’s collections through storytelling campaigns that support social causes. Her desire to help fashion brands tell better stories has fueled her research into the influence of branding on the mind through the embodiment of the clothes we wear. She specialises in Cognitive Psychology and believes that today’s fashion brands through their digital presence are powerful shapers of culture and have an opportunity to create a better society of tomorrow.

Susan E. Jean

MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion

Initially switching from psychology into fashion design in her undergrad, she couldn’t shake psychology and became an advocate for diversity in body image and race, securing media recognition and being hailed as one to watch in her hometown, Toronto, after creating a plus-size collection for her final year presentation. She worked in the industry on both the creative and business side, gaining experience in merchandising and finance as well as design. Feeling dissatisfied with her contribution to positive change in the industry, she returned to psychology and launched her career in research by studying the experiences of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic women within the fashion industry. Her expertise is in Social Psychology with an emphasis on diversity, organisational leadership and well-being.

Pak Lun Chiu

MA Psychology for Fashion Professionals

Fueled by a desire to put his heart into something that could help others, Pak started his career in psychology. This path brought him an array of unexpected experiences, from working in prisons and conducting national research, to writing for publications and travelling the world with his expertise. While his training in mental health allowed him to work with the more vulnerable in the community, his hunger to understand the creative powers of art and design would not be stilled. When the MA in psychology for fashion professionals came along, it was a no-brainer. In his most recent research, he tackles the theory of design thinking, which promotes empathy and a user-centred approach in fashion design. He is passionate about using psychology to inform creativity and enrich innovation in such a way that it provides solutions for people’s challenges and makes them feel better about themselves.

A special thank you to Dr. Aurora Paillard and the Psychology of Fashion department at London College of Fashion for their continued support and advice.

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